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Root for the underdog

Like a proper underdog, the story of the Dominican heroines, the Mirabal Sisters, is one of many from unsung heroes that gave it all solely for their believes and future generations. After years of oppression, they decided that it was time to take matters into their own hands and lead a revolutionary journey, even when they knew there was only one possible outcome for them. 

Now this story has found its way to you.

Bringing the lives of our national heroes and heroines to the stage is a significant undertake; perhaps, because in the same way that times are evolving, influenced by new technologies and the change in teaching-learning processes, the way of narrating our story through the stage must be re-analyzed. It is not about writing a news story or creating a documentary, but about constructing a piece of art capable of entertaining, moving and, above all, helping us reflect. 

In the case of "Mariposas de Acero", we understood that to retell the story of the Mirabal sisters, it was necessary to start by discovering the women that have been hidden behind the heroines, those who, driven by the strength and determination that distinguish the brave, sacrificed their lives for the freedom of a nation. 

Bringing this story to new generations is beyond a commitment. Beyond a simple assignment. We feel this as a duty that "Mariposas de Acero has found a way to fulfill. With "Mariposas de Acero" we hope to bring a greater understanding of how these heroines from "Ojo de Agua" and all the other unsung heroes and heroines of the time carved a righteous groove at a pivotal moment in our history which became the very basis for our democracy. 

The Musical

First act

• The forgotten hero 

• The fourth butterfly 

• "Ojo de Agua" 

• Roulette 

• The invitation 

• "La fiesta del chivo"

• Fear is forbidden

• Rumors

• The SIM looks for Minerva 

• Your will be done, Lord

• The queen of the Facultaran

• The rectory

• The night is dangerous

• Simple mortals

• An old man's farewell

• Minerva's War

Second act

• The Boogieman

• "El chivo" at Patria's house

• Andrés' betrayal

• This rice is done

• Only one goal

• Patria's house

• “Sina”, the steel butterfly 

• Let's secure the house

• Welcome to the "Forty"

• Was it all worth it?

• Execution (The Nightmare)

• I long for

• 7 heroines

• Sina's farewell

• Under control

• Countdown 

• Lullaby

• The Revolution of the "Mariposas"

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